This closet before became a ‘catch all’ for junk… it just wasn’t the best use of the space, and I hate to waste any square footage. Austin, who was going for a boho farmhouse look, added wallpaper on the side walls of her closet and shiplap on the back wall. Once you have an empty space to work with, you can decide convert closet to office whether to remove or leave the doors and existing shelves. Our two home decorators opted to remove the doors to make tier cloffices feel more spacious. When Taya Schnell needed a dedicated work space at her home, she decided to add an office to a spare closet. The “cloffice” is still serving her well months later.

convert closet to office

If you are really going to be spending a lot of time in your walk-in, see if installing a skylight or window in the space is a viable option. Casey WatkinsCasey is a lover of coffee, interior decorating, sunshine, good food, lipstick and laughing. Just a little bit addicted to Pinterest, her kitchen frequently produces recipes she finds there. She loves the crackling sound of opening a brand new book and the smell of freshly cut grass.

Empty Out Your Closet

Yes, a desk is the cornerstone of any office. But that doesn’t t mean that it’s the only component of an office. Beyond the desk, you get to be a little creative and make your converted closet office into your own. Most of us don’t have an extra room to devote to work. Turning a closet into an office is the next best thing. If you can sacrifice some unutilized space, follow our tips on converting a closet to an office. I’ve always joked that my office at work was actually a big closet so the idea of working in a space without any windows just seems normal to me.

  • This particular setup leaves plenty of room for storage, and a single shelf at hip height makes for the perfect computer desk and work space.
  • With some creativity and planning, these walk-in closet offices can be transformed into a functional and productive private working space.
  • My parents just stayed on it last weekend, and they are super picky about sleeping, and they loved it too.
  • Accordion-style folding doors are another popular option; they take up less space than a regular door, even when covering a larger closet.

Jillian wanted her office to be both minimal and open. This entry was posted in Decorating Ideas and Tips, Latest Trends and tagged cloffice, closet office, compact home office, home office, space saving office. A patterned wall can be a little intense, but in a closet desk area, it adds the right amount of chic without taking over the whole room.


A good idea would be to use room dividers, which you could easily slide to the side when needed, or curtains. This doesn’t only mean spacious walk-in closets. Don’t want to spend too much on decor accents for your cloffice space? Take a cue from blogger Yaro Zuarich, who gave his cloffice a personal touch with baskets-turned-pendants. He thrifted the baskets for $0.50 each (what a find!) and then used metallic paint and hot glue to turn them into hanging lights for his little space. He also hung a pegboard in his workspace, which offers a versatile solution for storing all sorts of work essentials. One of the easiest ways to make your teeny office space stand out is with wallpaper, as showcased in this minimalistic cloffice.

  • Another important consideration when building a cloffice is what chair you’ll be using and where you’re going to store it.
  • Go for the unexpected and try an accent wall in the closet.
  • Either way, you also want to make sure that the height of your desk corresponds to the height of the chair you’ll be using, so you’ll be able to do so comfortably.

Some closet spaces may feel tight or awkward in shape, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. Don’t let an arched ceiling, for instance, deter you from sliding in a work desk, a lamp, and some fresh flowers. You’d be surprised how cozy you can make an oddly shaped space feel. Once you’ve figured everything out, move it into your closet from back to front. Just like you got the power flowing earlier, you’ll want to handle as much of your cable management as possible before moving the desk in and putting stuff on your walls.

Think about organisers for more storage

The meeting rooms were around the perimeter and when there was a meeting, there’d be almost a scrummage to get the seats that faced the outside world. I got used to it, but it wasn’t an ideal environment to work in.

  • Even if it’s an odd-looking, but cherished doll from your childhood.
  • For many, extra bedrooms that may have been a perfect home office are now being inhabited by other family members.
  • Here are some handpicked cloffice ideas that will help to create your own happy workspace.

Before purchasing supplies, you will need to determine how deep, wide, and tall you want the drawer to be. Think about the ways you can improve the existing lighting or if you would rather add more lighting fixtures. The problem is that many WFH employees or freelancers often lack the space in their homes to set up a proper office. That’s why even in small spaces, an area designated for WFH leads to increased productivity. The reasons being that there are fewer distractions, less cognitive load on our brains and as a result, a more focused working environment.

Add legs or risers to the drawer unit

One person can work at the kitchen table, another can work in a permanent office and another can work at the closet office. Paint your home office and add desk plants to keep spirits high while working remotely. Cloffice storage ideas are incomplete without considering the sides of the closet. Add some shelves or cabinets to those areas to create further room inside a small workspace.

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I’m now officially converted to the RGB LED religion and OpenRGB ….

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