How to build your home…


Songgoritty Homes offers a collection of beautiful, sustainable, innovative, and high quality homes. From design to construction,

Songgoritty offers factory-built solutions that make it easy for people to go green.

To built yourself one of our beautiful homes, here are the step to step process to bring yourself closer towards building your dream home with SonggoRitty.

Your Green home will be built off-site.

Our quality construction process guarantees a well-built home that includes industry-standard warranties.

Construction of the house could take between 6 – 8 months before it arrives on a flatbed to be erected within 6 days.

Find your land


Real estate professionals — SonggoRitty is more than happy to connect you to our real estate professional as we do not provide land transaction services.

Finance your home


As financially, we are happy to give you initial guidance on lenders however we expect that our clients take responsibility for their own finance. We also offer an Introduction to our INSURANCE home plan suitable to your geography.

Choose your design


Our clients are presented with the option of either choosing a single level living, or double storey home. Other extra options for both interior and exterior that matches your aesthetic and home site are available.

Choose your design with our 3D Application that allows a 3 dimensional view of your selected home on our website. Select your preferred finish and view an in depth of your home and how it looks. You can finally be able to experience your home before it is even built.

Finally, our design team will virtually built your home suitably on your land for the best solar orientation possible.

Build and deliver


Client must first confirm foundation connections with their site contractor. Once you have purchased the land, secured your financing, selected your home design and provide the necessary approvals, It is time to build! Moving into the building phase we will start construction on your home within our controlled factory environment and ship it right to your new doorstep.

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