Meet Our Team

Harry Phon


Mr Harry Phon has over 30 years of experience in the timber industry on managing timber production & manufacturing plants.

He mastered and specialized his skills in the art of timber finishing materials and had done immense research and development in fire sciences, earthquake monitoring systems, explosion, water, fire and earthquake resistant materials.

He had developed fire-resistant timber flooring in 2008 and these fire-resistant technologies are currently utilized in the construction of Songgoritty’s affordable houses.

Yusuf Abdul Rahman


Graduated with LLB (Hons), University of Malaya in 1981. First started his career
as Legal Officer, PETRONAS, then was Legal Adviser and Company Secretary, The
Pacific Bank Berhad. Later as Manager Corporate and Legal Affairs and
subsequently General Manager Corporate Affairs, Faber Merlin Malaysia Berhad
and Landmarks Holdings Berhad (both Public-Listed Cos.), he was in charge of
corporate restructuring and recovery of the respective groups. He was in private
practice and later General Legal Counsel, Hopetech Group of Companies and CEO
of the Songgoritty Group. He is a member and has been past Hon. Secretary of
Suarah Petroleum Group, and now Chairman and Director, Legal and Corporate
Affairs of Rareum Bhd, Suarah Petroleum Ventures Bhd and Lyric Labs Sdn. Bhd.
and CEO/Chief Consultant of Rareum Consultancy Group PLT, a corporate
recovery and management consultancy. Other than being well-versed in oil & gas
law, mining law, banking & corporate law, land law & IT law amongst others, he
has also been involved in business development of innovative high tech
eco-friendly sustainable solutions in engineered wood for building, nano-metals
manufacturing, blockchain technology, IT solutions, translation services, oil and
gas and agro-industry.