Let’s have a look at what skills you will learn in this excel data analysis course. Master business modeling and analysis techniques with Microsoft Excel and transform data into bottom-line results. Award-winning educator Wayne Winstons hands-on, scenario-focused guide helps you use todays Excel to ask the right questions and get accurate, actionable answers. More extensively updated than any previous edition, new covera…

  • Please read the terms and conditions carefully before enrolling in this course, as enrolment in the course is conditional on acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • If you wish to change the values in individual cells, do so.
  • You will need a passing grade of 70% in order to receive a Certificate.
  • The Certificate of Completion can be earned with a passing grade of 70%.

The CEU provides a vehicle for employers, professional groups, and licensing agencies to account for participation in non-credit seminars, workshops, and courses. Nowadays, all institutes, universities, businesses, and companies use the programs of the Office package to organize their work, write texts, receive mail, or make video presentations. To Change the variable cell, select the C3, C4, and C8 cells. In the set objective, select the income cell and set it’s value to $3000. The Excel SUMIF function returns the sum of cells that meet a single condition. Sorting data is a very critical and vital part of Data Analysis.

Learning Excel: Data Analysis

This is not an exhaustive list, but one that features the best Excel data analysis courses and training from trusted online platforms. We made sure to mention and link to related courses on each platform that may be worth exploring as well. In this excel data analysis course, you will learn data analysis using MS Excel. No matter what profession you’re in, the learning would be so very valuable. You should know basic mathematics and you would be good to go. Learners will come across various excel functionalities that are useful for a data analyst. They will learn about advanced data sorting, conditional formatting and cell referencing, v-lookup, h-lookup, cell referencing and so on.

It was a joyful experience learning with you the core techniques of the excel so I must say you did a wonderful job on the relevant details. The stimulation works fine when all other things are working very well. Overall was a good learning experience, need to say that stuff which you did was good at all level. I always wanted to learn Pivot tables as my job requires it.

Similar courses

Learn how to analyze and visualize data using Microsoft Excel. Perform data analysis, present visual insights with dashboards and model data with Power Pivot. This course is intended for individuals who hold advanced knowledge in Excel and who have baseline skills in creating workbooks with formulas and functions. It helps companies accurately assess situations and make better business decisions. This course helps you unlock the power of your organization’s data using the data analysis and visualization tools built into Excel.

  • They will learn about advanced data sorting, conditional formatting and cell referencing, v-lookup, h-lookup, cell referencing and so on.
  • Renowned Excel experts Bill Jelen and Michael Alexander help you crunch data from any source with Excel 2019 pivot tables.
  • To ensure success, you should have baseline skill using Microsoft Excel worksheets, particularly in creating workbooks with formulas and functions.
  • The course is well designed and explains all the features and uses of the pivot table nicely.
  • Every business and organization that collects data is capable of tapping into its own data to gain insights how to improve.

For example, you might use a set of three icons to emphasize cells with sales of less than $80,000, $60,000, and $40,000. Alternatively, you may assign a 5-point rating system to autos and use a set of five icons. In the age of big data, information is being collected all the time and for increasingly detailed transactions. To ensure success, you should have baseline skill Microsoft Excel 2019. Data Analysis Lessons using Microsoft Excel worksheets, particularly in creating workbooks with formulas and functions. Students taking this course are experienced Excel users who are seeking to advance their data-analysis capabilities by using Power Pivot. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to use Power Pivot along with Excel to analyze data from a variety of sources.

Activating Solver Add-in

Learners will also be introduced to a project that will deal with building dynamic heat maps in excel 2016 version. Statistical tools will be explained in the next session and topics such as central tendency, dispersion, correlation and regression, histogram, etc. will be covered. Learners will gain an understanding of Gantt charts and data series in those graphs.

Create rules that define the format of cells based on their values to utilize it. Conditional formatting may be applied to a range of cells , an Excel table, and even a PivotTable report in Excel for Windows. Follow the steps mentioned below to perform conditional formatting. Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular applications for data analysis. Equipped with built-in pivot tables, they are without a doubt the most sought-after analytic tool available. It is an all-in-one data management software that allows you to easily import, explore, clean, analyze, and visualize your data.

Descriptive Statistics

Stream Skill is part of the Simon Sez IT family and has been in business 10+ years and taught over 500,000 students in that time. We’ve created over 100 software training courses, 5,000+ video tutorials. Technology and the data that it both collects and makes accessible is now interwoven with businesses and lives. The era of “big data” has exploded due to the rise of cloud computing, which provides an abundance of computational power and storage, allowing organizations of all sorts to capture and store data. Leveraging that data effectively can provide timely insights and a competitive advantage. This particular training is formulated from the perspective of data analysts. Data analysts will be able to solve real-life business problems by making use of data analysis features in Excel, after undergoing this course.

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